Are we on
the verge of a brand new search experience with Google?

Google has confirmed
that they are testing a new way of sharing content in search, and they are
currently running a test with a very limited number of businesses, and it is
called “An experimental new podium on Google”.

tells you more on their Podium landing page.

Google explains; “Every day millions of people search on
Google, many of whom are looking for information about prominent individuals
and organizations. Now we’re experimenting with a new way for users to hear
directly from select entities they’re searching for on Google”.

Publish on Google; “Verified individuals and organizations can now
communicate with text, images and videos directly on Google. Creating content
is fast and simple, and once published, posts will appear instantly in search
results related to the publisher. Each post can also be shared on popular
social networks”.

For now,
this feature is being tested, and is only available for a few individuals and
organizations. However, you can join a waiting list, if you are a
public figure or organization and would like to publish on this new
experimental feature podium.