What Google want in 2016

To give you
an insight of what Google want in 2016, and what they see as a good website; you
can read “Googles Search Quality Valuation Guidelines”. It was leaked in 2015,
and it gave us all – and especially the SEO Companies a glimpse of how Google´s
view and valuate your website.

the quality raters´ themselves do not have any pertaining to the rankings of
the sites they rate. Therefore, quality raters´ might assign a low score to a
website, however that low rating wouldn’t be reflected at all within the actual
Google search results.

Google uses the quality raters’ valuation for assessing the quality of the Google
search results. This means that the type of sites that are rated highest, these
are the sites and pages they (Google) want to rank well. So while it is not
directly search algorithm-related, it however shows what they want their
algorithm to rank the best.

Read more about the leaked report here at The SEM Post: http://www.thesempost.com